JSC �Liepsna� is a well known producer of safety matches in all Baltic region. Factory was opened in the beginning of 20th century, we are successfully working over 70 years, and today we have more than 200 employees. We are famous for plausibility, quality and stability.
          JSC �Liepsna� can boast of broad spectrum of matches it is producing: they are varied in form (from standard matches to 17cm size), colour, purpose (we produce kitchen, advertising, focal, fire�s (one split burns over 6 minutes) matches). Recently we have introduced ice-cream sticks and toothpicks into Lithuanian market.
          We are exporting our production to different countries of Europe, South America, Asia and Africa.
          At the moment we are expanding our markets and looking for a good reputation distributor of our production in different countries. We provide our production with the invoice, certificate of quality, certificate of origin and transportation documents.
          Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

Raudondvario pl.94, Kaunas 3021, Lithuania. Tel: Tel: +370 615 98181 E-mail: info@liepsna.lt